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About Us

Who We Are

Red Rock Evaporation Services is a company dedicated to raising the industry standard for water evaporation and remediation. Through knowledgeable and trained professionals, we are ready to assist any company in determining the best solution for the various job types. Our selection of system solutions can be individually designed to meet the exact needs for each independent work site. We ensure each solution we offer is designed and dedicated to maximizing value to our clients.

Our passion is to provide enviromentally safe cost effective evaporation services

Offering lowest per barrel charge

Saving you time and hassle

Providing environmentally safe waste removal

Our Mission

To be recognized as the leader in waste water removal through evaporation and remediation processes that are both cost effective and environmentally safe. We will offer the lowest per gallon/barrel charge by use of mechanical evaporation and/or evaporation tanks.

Are you worried about drift or overspray?

Drift is a big concern of leading environmental body’s and Red Rock Evaporation customers around the world.

As water is evaporated the dissolved solids can stay suspended and high winds carry this tiny particles over long distances

Many of our customers are moving towards automated machines that not only control drift and maximize evaporation but also record detailed data for better documentation and recording.

These machines can be controlled by a Programable Logic Controller (PLC) and an Anemometer which work in unison to stop and start the machine according to windspeed and eliminate all overspray.

Remote SMART monitoring is all made possible through our propriety Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley monitoring systems. All machines are networked to a main site control panel PLC with touch screen display or to a central computer that controls and enters points and values for the system and machines.

Each Red Rock Evaporation system has a PLC or brain and operates how it is programmed. This PLC can collect live data and report trending values according to wind speeds, operation minutes, humidity, temperatures, power consumption. For even more control we can install a WebCam so that you can view on site live data 24/7 which is great for tech support.

So why use RRE solutions?
With our LEGO approach you can build a one size machine to fit all needs at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Industries We Work With

We offer complete process water solutions, from initial site analysis to remote centralized computer control systems.

Food Products & Manufacturer

Solar and Power Generation

Landfills That Produce Leachate

Oil and Gas Producing Companies

Mining Industries

Red Rock Evaporation Services

We provide reliable, cost effective, custom engineered modular designed evaporation systems with zero amount of overspray.